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Report - - Les Catacombes De Paris - 19.08.06 | European and International Sites |

Report - Les Catacombes De Paris - 19.08.06

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A trip made by myself, paulo999, dweeb, OT, si-o-doom and raddog, this was easily one of the most mind blowingly awesome places ive ever been.

I am not a great fan of underground stuff, prefer climbing ladders and going into industrial sites and hospitals, but seriously, this is AWESOME!

The sheer scale of the place is phenominal, DO NOT venture down here without maps or any knowledge of the place and without a guide, you WILL get lost.

Was fantastic to see a total of 15+ cataphiles down thier, they were absolutely loving it, as were we!

Spent 15 hrs underground and stayed the night in a fantastic room with the guy that built it, what a legend! I survived on just water,port and 2 toffee crisps, and now im annhiliated...

Few Pictures..

The Goat Room - and Raddog with his looky likey


The Castle Drawbridge...


A tribute to "Foxy"...



A Pirates Meeting...


Awesome Artwork...


In memory of Philibert Aspairt...


And the legendary Passe Muraille


A truly legendary explore, big thanks to OT and Paulo for mapreading and organisation. A to the rest for a purely excellent group of explorers...

turk ;)
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