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Report - - Paris Catacombes 25/04/07 | European and International Sites |

Report - Paris Catacombes 25/04/07

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Oxygen Thief

Staff member
Planned as a solo trip but that changed as soon as I got close to the start point. Some French lads were there, harmless enough, I thought they might be graffers or something. Anyway, we all headed off to the 'start point' and I asked them if they were going under. They said yes, but didn't know where it was. They had some inadequate maps and a little local knowledge / urban myths had got them this far.

A little conversation and we were off for a tour.

Rue Sarratte...


then to the castle room...



Then the Flowers room, then Le Plage, then Le Cellier...





That actually took about 4 hours, it was now 02.00 and the guys were getting tired :gay

So, out we go, exit by the sand crawl route :eek:

So, I see them to the exit and then head North to Ansluz for the night. It was now 05.00. Woke up freezing at 07.30, sorted that out and stayed in bed till midday...


After sorting my kit out, decided to explore Salle Z and Val de Grace again. Lots of big arches and long crawls, always worth seeing.

Chess board and Chopin in Val de Grace...


This room, Balloons, was notable. As cata rooms go, it's clean and suitable for eating / cooking / sleeping. There's anchor points for hammocks as well, even more if we repair one of them with some epoxy.


Anyway, it's now late afternoon, appointment with Beer and Food, the noobs, then Rug this evening so I made an exit through a new route. Thanks for the info Rug.

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