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I've recently been spending a lot of time at Letham Grange, just short of Arbroath. I've been in about the area cutting down some tree's for the local volunteers who now run the Golf Course.

The course has suffered a lot of damage due to the excessive rain we had throughout the east coast at the beginning of 2016 but I hadn't realised, which is terrible of me considering I'm a local, that Letham Grange house is currently unused. There's a disputed ownership as to who owns the building and therefor no up keep or work is being pursued to keep it in it's fantastic grand state.

I've had a wee snoop around and it's just incredibly but unfortunately I've never been able to ventured within the building although it would be surprisingly easy going by what the locals say. The roof is caving in and the building is a just dubious but it's somewhere I think would be incredible for a venture with some more experienced Urban Explorers.

I wondered if anyone had an interest?

I'll be there this afternoon cutting tree's down, so I'll hopefully get a photograph of it to share with you all. If you do a quick google search though, you'll find plenty.

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