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Report - Liverpool University (Small Science section) - Sep’18


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The History
Right guys I’m not going to lie, it’s a single university section.. in Liverpool. The surrounding buildings are still open and this section is just due to be refurbished. So for now it’s disused until they decide to pull their fingers out. Therefore the history is... people learn here :thumb

The Explore
Anyone would think I like getting up early ..
There we were, stood in Liverpool centre looking for an access around a load of active university buildings. CCTV absolutely everywhere and the random drunken wonderer. I really thought my lucky easy access days were over. Nope! Low and behold, it felt like we owned the front door keys ;) . This was the first school/ university I’ve ever explored and safe to say even though it was one section, it did not disappoint ! Equipped with science labs, beautiful empty rooms, lecture hall and even the added bonus of electricity throughout the building...l guessed this was the science department (Smart aren’t i? Haha). There is absolutely no vandalism to this property, and obviously no decay. However on our way out we did come across two other explorers .. (which if ya’ll are reading this.. ya’ll scared the shite out of me!). All in all, definitely a different adventure and I feel more than privileged to have experienced this !

Lovely ladies & gents .. Enjoy <3​











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28DL Full Member
Not sure the gas mask is necessary, but other than that this is a good little find. Nice job :thumb
Aye don’t knock a girl for doing something different oh mighty one :Not Worthy , I was doing a shoot for a friend and that’s the only picture of that hall I had. So sorry ..

And thank you :thumb