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Report - Ljubljanska Banka tower, Mostar, Bosnia, August 2010


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Did a months trip visiting several countries through Europe, this was the only real bit of Urbex I managed to fit in :(

Can't really find much in the way of history about this, but it was used as a sniper post during the time when Mostar was a focus of fighting during the Bosnian war. I assume it's been shelled out, but not sure about this.

Most of the war damaged buildings in Bosnia are boarded or fenced off. The hostel we were staying at actually recommended we enter this one!

I just had a small digital camera and a little Petzl head torch, so don't expect anything amazing..

Not the best exterior shot, but it shows the size and vague triangular shape of the building:


There was a fair bit of decent graffiti, some of it anti-war

Looking up the lift shaft - there were three of these in a row:

Service shaft:

I presume this is where the sniper sat. There was a hole in the wall nearby, looking down over the main road through the city.

Papers and office equipment everywhere. If I remember rightly, some of the paper seemed to be dated after the war ended. Not sure how that works.. :confused




On the roof. The fenced off building is used (I presume) as a radio/communications tower.

Eventually found the way into the basement:


The basement was huge so we didn't see the whole thing. Was slightly worried about UXO and dust as well...I gather the rest of the building is fine, but the basement seemed like it hadn't been touched in a while.

As we were leaving, we saw two guys climbing the stairs with a huge watermelon.... I wouldn't have liked to be standing near the building by the time they reached the top :D