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Report - Loch Carron ROC : Ross & Cromarty, Scottish Highlands : OPEN : August 2013


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Date of visit: 19th August 2013

Information, with thanks to, subbrit.org:
Post opened: date unknown
Post closed: September 1991

Driving along merrily, through the absolute middle of no where. Something catches my peripheral vision. I ask "What on earth is that?", and slam the brakes on. An unimpressed passenger asks "WHAT?". So I get out to take a closer look, to find its an old ROC post.

In mid-August it was mostly surrounded by very long grass, and felt a bit 'marshy' in places

All the surface structures appear to be in reasonable condition, although some lumps of concrete have fallen off in places, but not, it seems, to due malicious damage.




I noticed the padlocks were no longer effective, so I took the opportunity. The hatch opens without a problem, the counterweight still does its job properly.

I could see there was water in the sump to about 1â€￾ below the grid. The air was damp, and what I presume was a carpet felt absolutely sodden under foot. That said, there was no standing water anywhere considering it had been raining for the best part of 24 hours.

Bearing in mind Im not a career ‘explorer’, I only had a point and shoot camera to hand, and absolutely no form of lighting to hand, I couldn’t see a thing, and therefore plead guilty to fifteen counts of failure supply quality photographs. May the gods of jpeg have mercy upon my trigger finger.

The only time I got to see anything was when the camera flash was triggered. Everything looked fairly tidy, no mouldy walls or desks. No evidence of scroates setting fires, no thefts, no graffiti. What did surprise me though was just how good a condition the BT equipment looked. Looked like it had just been fitted last year ….let alone over 22 years ago! The same just about goes for the rest of the bunker, excelent condition considering it's had no maintenence this century!












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