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Report - Lytham Police Station, St Anne's - Nov 18


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Journeyed to a place where I never thought I would visit because I didn't think there was much of interest there. However, this cropped up, so we checked it out.

Lytham Police Station

Designed by Henry Littler in 1902, the building is in red brick with dressings in sandstone and timber, and it has a hipped slate roof. The building is in Edwardian Baroque style, with the police station at the front; this has two-storeys and four unequal bays. In the second bay is an entrance turret that starts square, rises to octagonal, and has an ogival cap with a finial. In the upper floor of the wider third bay is a large Venetian window with a balcony. At the rear are two magistrates' courts. No. 2 court has been refurbished, but No. 1 court has retained many original fittings.

Although quite a small place, there is a good amount to see. The main attraction is the impressive Edwardian court room which survives to this day although the other court room has been modernised and is very plain.

Beginning with the cells: there is four in total and three are kept locked still.

Not sure what this space is called but there are identical rooms on either side of the glass so it is where the criminals would speak to family or friends on the other side.

A bunch of the bottom floor is storage for random items, primarily christmas decorations for some reason. It is like a hoarder's space for someone that adores the season. We moved upstairs.

The smaller, insignificant court.

The main court room.

A closer look at the ceiling.

I'll finish with this, don't really know what I was going for here. What exploring on 1 hours sleep does.

Here you can find the link for our documentary styled video on the site. We cover the police station's past, present and future through cinematics and narration:

Thanks for reading :)

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