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Report - M Shed Crane, Bristol - Jan 14


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Been taking back seat on here lately must say, so thought a few reports from myself were overdue. I'm not great with the whole report format and the history and everything but i'll give it a shot.

So this was a crane that we heard about or first saw from a few of my mates and we were straight on it!

Its situated on the harbourside so made for some nice skyline views over the docks.

Parked up to meet TheFamousThreeGoTo, Seffy, WDW, End-Proc and in and up we went. Me and End Proc also decided to venture down the jib as there was a pretty sick little viewpoint at the end!

We arranged a few snaps then everyone helped me big time when my tyre ended up punctured (had a spare fortunately!)








Cheers guys, any feedback on my report making is most welcome!


This is not a good idea. Let's do it.
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Awesome! That last shot is one of the best shots Ive seen!

Hector Rex

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28DL Full Member
ahhh so this is the M-Shed Crane.. I was thinking originally it was one of the old ones down on the docks! fantastic shots again though! loving number 4 in particular!

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