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Report - - Major PLYMOUTH Air-Raid Shelter - 12/2/08 | Underground Sites |

Report - Major PLYMOUTH Air-Raid Shelter - 12/2/08

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Kernow Expeditionary Force

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Well following a lead i found by chance on the internet, then asking about in work for info of the region, i have cracked this....A quick pint then a reccy after work, i decided that i could wait no longer and tonight was the night, a quick dash home to prepare my kit, then i was heading back into town...

Arriving on site, there were a few too many people about, a quick walk around the block was needed to pass a minute or two, whilst checking cctv locations.....then it was time....without giving away details, access was arrogant and fairly high risk of discovery...

anyway enough of my 400d and 10-20mm sigma died to bring you these pics so please enjoy!....

This took a direct hit during the war...


one of the dry passages...much it is flooded with perfectly clear rainwater


City of Plymouth bin


Original toilets (with seats) and rubbish bin


this is either the main enterance or a bombed & blocked passage to other parts of the shelter...


one of the several toilet areas, and passgeways to futher tunnels


Kernow Expeditionary Force underground


Flooded passageways


Original toilet, dustpans and bottle....


a typical view inside


hope you enjoyed these pics of this Ur-bex first....:thumb:thumb:thumb