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Report - The Old Rectory, St Columb Major (Dec 2015)


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I spent a few days in Devon & Cornwall just after Xmas so searched on here for some sites to check out. Thanks to Raz's report HERE, I popped along to a 19th Century, gothic style old rectory which looked stunning. I missed the boat here because although 6 months previously it was full of furniture, artifacts, decorations and the like, work is now underway to renovate the place and it's been stripped bare. In fact, when I arrived, there was a builder's van parked up next to the house who were presumably working on the building, but thankfully no sign of any builders. They'd left the door open though, so cheers for that guys :D

This is what it looked like:

Exterior #1

Exterior #2
A bit of a rummage revealed they were chucking out anything salvageable)

Stairs leading up to one of many part-stained glass windows

The snooker room

The Bathroom - built in 1851, designed by architect William White.
The Bath - built in the late 1980's, designed by B&Q!!!

One of the glorious high-ceilinged, beamed, empty rooms

Chandelier (minus lights)


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Interesting to see they are doing something with it! be worth a bob or two when its finished :D did you try the edgecumbe hotel in Newquay?


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It was a cracking explore back in 2011, good to see the place is being saved

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