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Report - Manchester Mayfield, June 2012


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Visited with Ptchaw. It's a long time coming, getting round to doing some stuff in Manchester but here's the first. It's been hard because when all the free days you have (being a student they are few and far between), no-one's around. I already went to Victoria Arches in March with Ptchaw and Dragonflame, but I didn't bring my camera! I really regret that now, considering the access now has been bricked up! Will it open up again? I don't know.

A little while before I'd visited this with Ptchaw, but it was in the dark so I never bothered to get photos because I knew they'd be far better in the day. This time round we'd chosen to do this in light of failing the London Road Fire Station, when I climbed a drainpipe to get to an open window, only to find it nailed and covered in chicken wire. Our original access for both bits for here (say no more) was sealed but at the same time new access popped up so no big deal. New graffiti appeared in the storage bit below the station as well as another storage area opening up, which was also previously sealed. Other than new graffiti as well, nothing has changed. Even though it's a really small site that won't take you more than an hour to photograph, being a train buff I really enjoyed this. Unfortunately I didn't venture much further beyond the steps of the entrance because of the wooden floors being completely rotten.

On a side note, when I've looked back on previous reports of mine I've found the pics rather dull so this time I've decided to play about a bit with the white balance and colours to make this stand out in places. After all, with a place like Pyestock, which to say the least I am SICK of seeing, it's essential not to tread across previous reports and do exactly the same thing. That said I refuse to run them through some "texturising" filter or do anything like that.




The ghosts of Mayfield










Thanks for looking. Love as always,


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