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Report - Masticator (Meanwood Beck) - June 12


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After a few visits down here without a properly functioning camera I finally pulled my finger out and got down there to take some pictures so that I could finally contribute to the forum. It's been done time and time again but this place has been a nice little introduction to drains for me. The pictures aren't great, but they're a start - was gonna post this in the new members section seeing as though its my first report, but I can't, otherwise I would.

Anyway, there's a bit of history, if you'd call it that, below. I've borrowed and adapted this from jST's report, he's been really welcoming (as have you all) and helped me out a fair bit on here over the past few weeks. Cheers for that, I'm grateful for it!

The Meanwood Beck runs through Adel, Meanwood and Sheepscar into the River Aire in central Leeds. Arriving at the outfall you are commonly met with many "WTF" stares from people lounging and fishing near the Royal Armouries.

The beck was previously a source of water for the village of Headingley and two of its earliest bridges led straight to it. The beck carries a much reduced volume of water over recent years as water is collected instead into the many drains in the centre of one of Britain's largest cities.

In the 16th to 18th centuries it provided power for corn mills. In the 19th century it supplied water for a chemical works and tanneries, in the 21st century it provided a mooching ground for simpletons like us.

There are many different interesting constructions ranging from stone arches, elaborate twisting brick arches and boring rectangular concrete box sections.
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Thanks for looking...

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