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Report - - McDougall's Flour Mill, Hailsham - June 2019 | Industrial Sites |

Report - McDougall's Flour Mill, Hailsham - June 2019

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Chloe Explores
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The Grade Two Listed old flour mill was built circa 1900, but its history is sketchy, there was a fire between 1908 and 1910, when the mill was rebuilt as a large roller mill, McDougall’s had a hand in it at some point in the past and the the last owner is listed as the Mill Precision Engineers, who occupied the the newer buildings opposite. Here is one image of the mill in its prime.... the website I got the old image of is linked down below if you are interested! They have other pictures of the mill :thumb

Apparently in 2015 it was up for auction and planning permission was granted for a riverside development via conversion and redevelopment to provide a total of 25 flats but as of 2019 it remains the property of nature!!





Visited with @Seany Explores :p

My exterior shots are from December 2018 as I didn’t actually get any decent exteriors at all on this visit!

The last time I set foot in the actual flour mill was back in the summer of 2017... ever since I’ve been going to check on the place if I have ever been in Hailsham... every time I’ve gone back I have always failed to gain access. For a while the access was so sketchy where you had to climb on a rotted wall and jump onto a very corroded wooden floorboard, let’s not forget the gushing water underneath! When I first went we just walked through an open door and there was a bunch of kids in there just mucking about... When I went this time we just went through an open window at the front.

As soon as we drove up to the mill I noticed the window was open and was very happy! Sean was excited as he had never been inside it.

When I saw the remains of the inside to this place I was a little disappointed... on every single floor most of the floor had deteriorated so there was no way of going up another level.... The ladder on the ground floor was very strong however there was no way I was going to go up anymore as the next ladder was being held by a thread of wood... no joke the wood was like a piece of thread! Such a shame because when I first went you could explore a lot... If I’m being honest this place just needs to get demolished or re developed in some way as it’s basically a death trap...

The warehouse type building is rather interesting if you like that kind of abandoned look. Personally for me that doesn’t interest me as much as it used to when I started out exploring but it is nice to have a change of scenery! Apparently it was a Mill Precision Engineering Building... The remaining little rooms that was in the warehouse have somehow been demolished and has one room remaining. It also has a bit of machinery left but that’s all I can really say other than the kids use it as a skate park. They make ramps out of big wooden boards and bricks...

The caravan that is on site I couldn’t get into there is also a garage building further down the path which just has some smashed windows.

Nonetheless a really nice update explore for myself, glad to get my camera in here!:thumb
























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The Explorer Returns

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I know we have had our differences but that’s probably the best report I’ve seen on this place, like the ‘before and now kinda thing. Well done..

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