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  1. O

    General - New to this

    Hi, I’m Chloe and I’m 24 and want to begin exploring and have been directed to this website. I’m from Eastbourne East Sussex and have access to a car, would anybody be able to point me in the direction of some good places to explore? Thank you :)
  2. Tom Ellis

    Report - Hellingly Hospital, East Sussex - June 2020

    I finally had the opportunity to check out the remains of the famous Hellingly asylum popularized through Joe Weller's exploration series. We pulled up into the car park outside the Church that used to be apart of the complex. We got out and then looked for an entrance to no success except for...
  3. CatfishCKY

    Report - Hellingly East Sussex County Asylum, Hailsham - Dec 2007 to June 2009

    In the midst of this lock-down madness, we are all unable to get out and get exploring like we used to; so a lot of us are revisiting memories past. Having recently registered again, I am in the process of uploading some of my adventures again, and today I bring you Hellingly East Sussex County...
  4. Chloe Explores

    Report - St Leonards-on-Sea Congregational Church, Hastings - August 2019

    History: In 1864 the church opened as St Leonards-on-Sea Congregational Church. The last service took place in 2002. Six years later in 2008 the church officially closed and ever since then has been left abandoned. English Heritage has listed the building at Grade II for its architectural and...
  5. Chloe Explores

    Report - Preston Barracks, Brighton - December 2017

    History: Preston Barracks was a military installation in Lewes Road, Brighton. When we explored this two years ago, there was two remaining buildings left on the site. One building had been developed and was called “Field”. But when the university scheme went through that got demolished and the...
  6. A

    Found an abandoned estate stable block in the woods in Sussex 16th July 2019

    ndoned stables
  7. Chloe Explores

    Report - McDougall's Flour Mill, Hailsham - June 2019

    History: The Grade Two Listed old flour mill was built circa 1900, but its history is sketchy, there was a fire between 1908 and 1910, when the mill was rebuilt as a large roller mill, McDougall’s had a hand in it at some point in the past and the the last owner is listed as the Mill Precision...
  8. silentpartner

    Report - Tenterden Train Graveyard (East Sussex) - November 2018

    When seeing other peoples posts on the Train Graveyard, it triggered my romantic side as you can only imagine the amount of people they carried throughout their working life. Even though now reduced to a rotting carcass it was good to explore and I was please with some of the pictures I got...
  9. silentpartner

    General - McDougall's Flour Mill - November 2018

    I'm know that this place has been covered in previous threads, but I'm new to Urbexing and wanted to share what is my first real venture into this. McDougall's Flour Mill is about 20 minutes from me so it was the ideal location to start. Easy entry into the grounds and is very quiet. Once...