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  1. silentpartner

    Report - Tenterden Train Graveyard (East Sussex) - November 2018

    When seeing other peoples posts on the Train Graveyard, it triggered my romantic side as you can only imagine the amount of people they carried throughout their working life. Even though now reduced to a rotting carcass it was good to explore and I was please with some of the pictures I got...
  2. silentpartner

    General - McDougall's Flour Mill - November 2018

    I'm know that this place has been covered in previous threads, but I'm new to Urbexing and wanted to share what is my first real venture into this. McDougall's Flour Mill is about 20 minutes from me so it was the ideal location to start. Easy entry into the grounds and is very quiet. Once...
  3. Chloe Explores

    Report - The Lectern Pub, Brighton East Sussex

    DEVELOPMENT PLANS! I can’t find any history on this pub. The only bits and bobs I have been told are by my friends parents who used to drink in there when they were younger. It was apparently an amazing student pub, perfect for the Moulsecoomb residents to go to and relax at. The Lectern Pub is...