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Report - Megatron, Sheffield - October '12


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Visited with JasperB, Ravenwing, BAJ, *********** and Jazzywheels

Megatron is just this drain, right? The kind of drain that you hear about and see on here, but with it being over the other side of the country it's never something I'd considered going for. Out of the blue I got a PM from BAJ asking if I fancied it.

Hell yeah!


It was an eventful journey, leaving my place at an ungodly hour, which included drunks, broken trains, travelling at the grand speed of 40 MPH and having to wait for express trains to pass. I eventually arrived at Sheffield after midday. :mad After some wandering round Sheff, I managed to contact Ravenwing and arrange to meet up.


Megatron is the series of culverts that bring the River Sheaf to it's confluence with the River Don.


The Sheaf in intractably linked with the industrial history of Sheffield, feeding various works and other pieces of early industry.


The river used to be prone to flooding and this lead to Yorkshire Water instigating several projects to alleviate this, but I am unaware of its levels of success of this project. There's additional capacity in the system, almost 14,000 cubic meters.


The walked sections include the confluence with Porters Brook and only one open air section.


After the open air section, that's your lot until the confluence with the Don


The walk itself was relatively uneventful


Aside from JasperB breaching her wellies on a regular basis :D


The walk is hard though because of the sheer amount and quality of the debris on the floor. Stones, bricks and various other bits of flotsam and jetsam.


Towards to confluence with the Don it gets a lot deeper. Balls deep is only just the start.


When I said the walk was uneventful, I was truthful. The photo taking wasn't.


Setting up for a shot with Jasper nearby, I turned around just in time to miss my tripod sinking into the silt.


It hit the rocks with a sickening crack. A rather loud profanity followed but luckily the damage wasn't lethal.


The filter thread on my 55mm Chinon lens is stoved in but no optic damage.


The body is slightly damaged, but again, luckily it doesn't impair its function. Thank fuck! I really can't afford a new DSLR!

Thanks to the guys for the company and banter. I look forward to meeting you all again soon. :thumb

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