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Report - - Mental Hospital West of Boston Mass/USA Oct 2008 | European and International Sites |

Report - Mental Hospital West of Boston Mass/USA Oct 2008

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
This Hospital was opened in 1896. At that time it covered over 100 acres and had a farm operation as part of the hospital. A common setup in that area to both provide food and occupational therapy for some of the patients. By 1952 there were 58 buildings and 1500 patients. In 2001 it was down to 147 patients and officially closed in 2003.
Many of the buildings here a boarded. Recently the site has been used by several film companies including a yet to be released Leonardo DeCaprio film. The crew doing that film was on site for about 6 months. Apparently as part of their agreement with the town, who now owns the site, security of the buildings was greatly enhanced by additional boarding and the installation of metal doors and frames with difficult to bypass locking mechanisms.
This was the third trip the Stooges have made here over the last couple of years. The first time building security was the laxest and we got the most entries, this summer we were thrown out by the movie crew security, on this trip Moss and I actually signed in and where allowed to walk the grounds freely. Freely that is as long as we promised not to enter any buildings or take photos. Neither of which promise we kept.
1 Eyes that don’t see

2 Caged in Porches

3. House of 4 doors

4. Peeling

5. Light patterns


6, Rescue


7. The big room

8. Threatening, Striking out.

9. Non verbal

10. The Chapel

11. Peaceful Green

12. Order

On this trip we found a very creepy room in the basement of one of the buildings. It was filled with hundreds of old moldy suitcases. Empty now they had been used to bring in the patients few belongings. Then the suitcases where tagged with the patients name and stored here forever. Much like the Hotel California, they checked in but they could never leave.

13. Empty memories colored with mold


14. This one didn’t bring much

15. Lonely pair