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Report - Mid Wales Hosptial, Talgarth: The Sorry Demise, 2004-2020


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That's brilliant mate
I've got a few early photos from here and was gonna do a report but held off in the Hope's you would do one.... that room with all the hospital bits in was amazing.

Heres mine from a slightly different angle....
I wonder what happened to it all?
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Most of it's still there, crushed/burried under the rubble where they knocked that part down to get at slate. Although obviously a few bits had already gone walkies like the enema kit!


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@tumbles bloody hell really? I thought they'd taken it all, when we went back I couldnt even find where that room even used to be.

Didn't you have to walk through here to get to it & has this room been demo'd do you know?

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This pic shows where they basically flattened the corridor to get to a corner of the building but the white bit on the wall is where the museum room was. The ward you've pictured was to the right and remained mainly because the otherside of the roof slate is intact and the floor was concrete.



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Belter of a report dude - you did it justice I feel. This place does need some love, it'll always be special for me as it was the first asylum I ever did in 2011.

Great memories of the tyre slasher / angry local woman in Volvo / fat ghost hunters / no roof tiles / finally getting into the chapel / being penned in in Talgarth by an angry farmer who called the police, as well as the first ever group pic I took and @Grit ruining his brand new pair of white trainers getting in round the back! Also finding that underground reservoir with you and Scott behind it too!

Big up MWH <3


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Spent more time crawling under the floor boards looking for buttons than anything else. Never really liked the place apart from the day we got in the clock, that was quite a fun day. Otherwise i found it very meh.

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