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Report - Minffordd Hospital- Feb 2018


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Minffordd Hospital-

The history- (taken from another report)
Taken from a previous report, The hospital, situated on the south-western outskirts of Bangor, on Hendrewen Road, was established in 1895 as an isolation hospital. It was built in response to the growing need for the local council to tend to the community health needs of the town after Bangor received its charter of Incorporation in 1883. The hospital was finally abandoned in 2009, having functioned as a hospital for the mentally infirm in its final years. It was surveyed by Gwynedd Archaeological Trust in 2010, in advance of demolition.
The hospital was built on land that formerly belonged to the Penrhyn Estate and was constructed in a vernacular style. It comprised hospital wards, an administration block, garage and water tower (all built in 1895); an additional hospital wing, built in 1937; and a link corridor (built in 1991).

The Explore-
so we were on the near by a55 and thought we make a quick stop its well destroyed tagged by elusive flair not that much left if you are close you can pop by with no fences to cross but don't suspect much any way here are the photos


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the hips dont lie thing gave me a chiuckle

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