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Report - - Monkton Farleigh CAD - January 2009 | Mines and Quarries |

Report - Monkton Farleigh CAD - January 2009

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Maidstone Trooper

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
In February 2007, i was luck enough to be given a guided tour of this place, and seeing the recent reports appear on here it was time to go back.

The smell of the old ammunition store is particularly distinctive, and having only visited Browns and this place once before it definitely homed us into the right area.

Once again i was not disappointed, not much has changed over the last year or so. Saw a few more bits and pieces down there.., and also got to have a poke around district 19 which we pretty much ignored last time.

A few pictures to share here, unfortunately none of District 19, as i had a camera malfunction. :banghead







All in all thoroughly enjoyable, even if it did take us around 2 hours to find our way out afterward.
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