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Report - Monument Batley July 20


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28DL Full Member
After a little trip up the transporter t'other day thought I'd do the rest of it upstream which is called Monument
Again, I won't bore everyone with all the details, like transporter, its been done before on numerous occasions and there is nothing further to add in terms of it's history and features. just thought I'd put some pics up and keep the fire burning on 28. Good practice for my new Nikon too....which is still in 'auto' mode for now until I have mastered it's complexity.
The aim of this little mooch was to conquer that incoming stinking CSO just upstream of the Monument. I know a few have tried and given up a short way in.....me too, as you'll see further down the page !!!!!!

In 'ere



Tough going this....not only underfoot with all the bricks, rocks and debris but getting through the greenery is a job in itself



Next 2 pics is the nice little chambre under monument itself, nice old door at street level and the incoming brick lined sidewinder don't go anywhere. Its capped about 2 meteres in



Confluence of the Howley Brook coning in to join the party from the right I took a left here



And here it is .............
Dirty little _________ on the left is an old CSO which looks really inviting as it has its own steps to guide you in, but alas no red carpet ha ha. In fact it has a carpet of filth covering the whole floor that absolutely stinks. Also it looks like its gone septic in places and although the 4gas never even whinced t'was truly rancid. Guessing its not been used for a while now. Anyhow thought I'd spread the joy on 28 and transverse it's entirety for your perusal but it wasn't going to be. Don't mind admitting failure, I'm not proud, but this is undooable. I managed to get a good few meters in painfully shuffling along like a crab, got to a point where in the distance it did seem to open up to a larger brick lined pipe but knowing the few extra meters forward would add to my return shuffle....err time to GTFO



Even joked with my accomplice about building a motorised trolley to sit or lay on and coming back later !!!!!!!!!....like two hoverboards strapped to a bit of plywood....glorified camera crawler hahaha ;)
If you got this far thanks for lookin


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Nice one. I did same as you re the stoopy cso. Face a little too close to that fetid floor for my liking. Fair few rats running about down there too when I went.


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28DL Full Member
Nice one. I did same as you re the stoopy cso. Face a little too close to that fetid floor for my liking. Fair few rats running about down there too when I went.
Didnt see any rats but a fair few pigeons tho.........one of them was nesting in a side pipe, took me ages to get the camera back out as id packed it away and just as I was trying to focus it f......ed off !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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28DL Full Member
Been googling the monument thingy....seems like it was erected not long ago
excerpt below

The Bats Monument at the junction of Bradford Road and Hick Lane was erected in 1995 as a gateway rather to the Station Road Conservation area than to the town itself, but it manages to serve both puposes
The paving around the monument has metallic motifs of fish, frogs and horsehoes incorporated into it. The fish and frogs are a reminder of the rural nature of the area not so long ago, when the Batley Beck flowed by, and it still flows very close to the site.

Yeah underneath actually !!!!!....cant find anything about the door and why the culvert is open at this point :banghead

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