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Report - N.C.Joseph, Stratford upon Avon

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A once huge appliance company based in Stratford. In the 1930's the company grew dramaticly with the success of it's SONA (Stratford ON Avon) brand of kettles, percolators and irons. The company remained successfull until the early 90's when the SONA brand was scrapped, and the company moved on to automotive pressings for Honda and Land Rover. 2 months ago the company merged with another press works, and the factory demolition was started immedietly, as land is worth so much in Stratford.
Many of the old presses are still lying around the site, awaiting the scrap mans lorry. A pity really, as some are 1930s/40s, and were still running up until the factory closed. The old "tracks" on the roof can still be seen where the pots and pans were moved around the factory. The old stock warehouse had a huge barbed wire fence inside it.. to stop staff stealing the appliances.

Prob all be gone by feb... for apartments hooray!



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