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Report - Name- Leicester, (Braunstone Brook),Jan, 18


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Many years ago I used to explore this place, but at that time I wasn't really bothered about it being a drain but more about somewhere to go. I had initially assumed this drain was backache, but after chatting about it with @UrbanCaving we realised that this one was the opposite side of the park and hadn't been explored before. So we decided that this needed to be looked at properly.

And Voila: "Name". This is upstream from Backache along Braunstone Brook and @UrbanCaving never ventured up this far, as he thought that there wouldn't be anything big... Until we walked into Name's outfall and he blurts out "This is the biggest chamber I've ever seen in Leicester". The chamber around 3M high was clearly an open channel culvert when it was first built, not much history exists but some parts of the culvert appear to be Victorian, some are early 1900 and the upgraded parts are some time after 1968 when the brook had a major flood.

We were stood in the original course of the culverted Braunstone Brook, and after venturing in further we found that this course had been diverted down a stoopy box section which comes out much further down stream than the original outfall. Whilst not a large culvert by any means, the tunnels explored so far stretch for around 650 Meters and there is some more to go back to, but the variety this drain offers makes this one of Leicesters best drains, as UC agrees.

And as to the name. Well as we were sat down having a smoke we new a new drain needed a name! Of course I had no idea; until we wondered if anyone had ever named a drain "name". So name the drain we did by naming the drain "name". I hope you're confused, I still am.

The large Chamber, Victorian brick walls, and a newer "modern" concrete roof, seemingly falling apart in places, with what appears to be the remnant of an old factory/building. Whether it is still used or not remains a mystery (and to satisfy my curiosity, I will be finding out.)

^^From this point on we had to leave it for another drier day, curios find out where this wondrous tunnel goes.

^^This is the main Outfall for the brook and loops round from here back to the outfall and the entrance into the brook and other outfalls. And so we basically went in a circle and i had to go all the was back round again to get my bag which i had so conveniently left in the chamber.

I hope you enjoyed, and thank you @UrbanCaving for assisting me in my exploration. I can now say, I have found a Drain, and I have named a Drain.
Name. Still confuses me.



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Bloody great find this and right under my nose too. Well done @Jobbyjo and thank you for bringing me along to this.

Damn good report and brilliant photos, you caught the atmosphere of the place well.

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