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Report - - Newsome Mill and Clock Tower!, Nr Huddersfield | Industrial Sites |

Report - Newsome Mill and Clock Tower!, Nr Huddersfield

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After the second walk around I was convinced it had beaten me... bastard! The fine 1880's cloth mill, with it's handsome and unusual water/clock tower was not going to be the day's explore like I had hoped. Well, the last report on here had stated it had been bricked up, but surley there had to be a way in. Well, on the very last "just try this before I go" I got lucky, and popped up inside! heading straight for the clock tower corner I had another spanner in the works, the staircase door was locked:(

But I thought back to similar mills, they usually had at least two staircases, so I headed over to the other side... bingo:thumb

I literally ran up to the top floor, which stopped me dead in my tracks as soon as I laid eyes on it! Iron pillars, still painted in the traditional two tone paint, along with original timber offices, line shaft's still hanging from the beams... but the missing slates reminded me of the real goal here, the tower!

I was relieved and exited to find the door open, and as I swung it open I was greeted witha beautiful iron spiral staircase! Up to the bell floor, which still boasts a huge bell cast in 1887. After giving it a ittle ring with my knuckles I moved on up the tiny wooden stairs, and was thrilled with what peered down the steps at me!

4 huge clock faces, mostly intact, with a lovely triangular clock mechanism case. Anyone who knows me will appreciate how much I love clock towers so this was a great place to be...

Up again past some old graffiti, through the iron pipe which passes the ladder through the water tank and out on the top of the tank for breathtaking views of Huddersfield and the Clone valley... one great tower:cool:

Oh, the mill was not bad either!


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