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Report - Octel Bromine Works - Amlwch - Aug 2015


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Taking the Dublin - Holyhead ferry gave me the perfect opportunity to swing by the remains of Octel's Bromine works a Amlwch. Despite closure in 2004 this pretty remote plant seems to have escaped much 'urbex' activity in the past. I personally had written it off as totally demolished but luckily for us a few weeks after booking our ferry some facebook goons decided to tout it around as a 'secret location'.. I must admit it took me about a day to realise exactly where it was, so not the worst code name ever, but as always, totally useless as they all are in the end! (You could say my visit was 'uninvited' i guess :wanker)

Arriving early morning accessing the site was fairly simple, there appeared to be a security presence near the old canteen and admin building but they were far from active, you could probably sneek into those and finish the job if you fancied it! The site reminded me a lot of the now slightly legendary Steetley plant but with much more left to see and in a much nicer location. It even had its own little private beach to go for a paddle! We started with a poke about in the old labs and workshops before moving onto the two sea water pump houses and 'blowing out towers'. Quite why these buildings were spared demo im not too sure but im glad they were, it was an enjoyable mooch round a largely unseen site. A good way to end a good trip!

http://www.octelamlwch.co.uk/ has plenty of information on the sites history and uses. Essentially they extracted Bromine from sea water. The majority was then reacted with Eythelene to produced an 'anti knock' fuel additive used in leaded petrol. I suspect the banning of lead in fuel didn't do to well for the sites profitability!

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Lab Building















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Nice work! Spent three years of a PhD playing with bromine and nice to see all the industry that goes into its production.


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Jeez I remember that "famous last words" poster from training school, which will forever have a hole in it when a few of us tried to skim a tuppence in half on the miller in an attempt to make a double headed coin, without fully understanding how to clamp the job down. We could have needed to add "don't try to half the thickness of a 2 pence on a bridgeport miller" to those headstones if anyone had been stood in it's path!

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great report , love the piks and a seaside location to boot like being on holiday haha

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that is very nice and interesting
what is behind this gate in last pic, a river ?
Could look massive with more water


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Well done that man. I live about 8 miles away - never realised there was so much left! Part of the site is now a sewage treatment plant.


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Well done that man. I live about 8 miles away - never realised there was so much left! Part of the site is now a sewage treatment plant.
The part of the site that is now the water treatment plant used to be owned by Shell. They bought part of the land from OCTEL in the early seventies to pipe OIL from tankers via an SBM (single buoy mooring) a mile offshore Amlwch.
The second part of the Shell workings was about 2-3 miles outside Amlwch at Rhosgoch, the pipeline still exists all the way to Stanlow from Rhosgoch. I think British Gas lease the pipeline to store gas but dont quote me on that.
All the workings at Rhosgoch were demolished around 1996, the site still remains at rhosgoch unused for anything. Worth a visit and a walk around if you're passing ;-)