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Old Bunker Ripon North Yorkshire 3 May 2011


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I dug these up from an old bike ride, I wanted to follow a canal to see where it took me and I came across these random bunkers and an old Canal boat, I love exploring and recently haven't found a place to do it but back in my old birth town but this was interesting. I took some friends back to it and we went in to the boat again, I assumed it was abandoned though I found a soggy pack of biscuits, and tools so I was 50/50 on it being really abandoned or not then a guy turns up in a car and tells us he owns it and gives us a little talk on the story of it, there was a really bad flood and it washed up on the shore line several times so he had to tie it down where it landed, he had no way of getting it back in and it was fairly damaged, he did say he use to come back on a weekly basis to put it back together but unfortunately there was some family trouble and he was only able to spend an hour or two on it a month, really nice guy, really nice find.

1 Little Bunker.jpg
2 inside bunker.jpg
3 inside bunker 2.jpg
4 Old Canal Boat.jpg
5 On boat roof.jpg
boat roof.jpg
inside boat 2.jpg
Inside canal boat.jpg
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