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Report - OR ly, London 2013-2015.


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O Rly

The f0sheye had been kind to me in drains up until this point, it had taken a few knocks on the run up to this and in the end I wasn't happy with the results so went back with the 10mm and I'm still not happy with them either :p

This place had been a right pain in the arse to access, as come rain or shine there was always some unexpected flows over the last few years making access near on impossible for anything useful

Casing point, this clip on a good day a couple of years ago now

^ There's one thing wrong with this, it's a storm relief sewer and should be bone dry, (except for during heavy downpours that is) go figure :confused:

Confused.. I certainly was, and bearing in mind that video clip was on a school nite, when it hadn't rained for at least a week either!

Lifting the lid was never pleasant, as on all but 2 visits some serious arse steam billowed out and turned an otherwise pleasant summers evening into some serious pea souper, the locals loved us

It's not 'Deep Ochre' for nothing, the multi-laddered manhole shaft drops a good 60-70ft below the streets, at probably it's deepest point here where 2 storm relief's meet

First discovered by JD & stoop, O Rly is a significant junction, where the North East Storm Relief (Deep Ochre) and the Holloway Storm Relief (Heavy Mettle) cross below North London

It's also linked to the Northern High Level Sewer, which means you don't want to be down here when it rains!!

I was going to wait and post more of 'Deep Ochre' up as I'd done quite a bit more of the system, but never got around to finishing it off due to work, weather and other such factors

So for now, these few shonky pics will have to suffice of the epic drain junction that is O Rly..

Here, looking upstream into the Holloway Storm Relief which runs 1.30km via a 7ft brick pipe from the O Rly junction which serves the Northern High Level Sewer

It's my best guess a local trunk is being diverted somewhere between Holloway and the High Level, as we'd previously looked at the upstream connections and they appeared to have no flow


Further down, the 5ft yellow brick shrinker eventually leads to the High Level Sewer, a huge CSO which we have since looked at which marks the start of the North East Storm Relief (Deep Ochre)


Turning around, here is the downstream view of the Holloway Storm Relief

You can see the North East Storm Relief as it crosses below the metal work


On the right, the first of 2 x 7ft stepped barrels which alleviate the Holloway Storm Relief and the Northern High Level Interceptor, allowing spill flows to pass through O Rly and continue down to the Thames via the North East Storm Relief


Here is the Holloway Storm Relief (Heavy Mettle) looking downstream, the metalwork was once home to some oak dam board chase, which has recently become dis-lodged and washed up into the top of the O Rly junction as seen in pic No.6 further below..


Again, on the right the second 7ft stepped barrel, it was slippery as hell, but had less flow and was much easier to clamber up

You can see the oak dam board stuck in the overflow


O Rly




Here, flows exit the junction via a tumbling bay and further below an 8ft RBP which is a continuation of the North East Storm Relief (Deep Ochre) down to the Thames approx 2km away


Shouts to GAJ/BHG/TheVicar/Adders/GE for persevering on this one amongst numerous aborted attempts :thumb


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Good stuff dude & this really was a bitch to find dry in 2013, I tried a couple more times on dry nights & found serious flow down there before I eventually got in.

Top stuff as always :thumb


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Cracking stuff as always :thumb
The brickwork is quality
Looks as though you could quite easily get lost down there

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