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Report - - Origin, Princess Street Manchester. 12/09/2008 | High Stuff |

Report - Origin, Princess Street Manchester. 12/09/2008

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So, Origin, Visited with Alley.

They're big, and red, and everyone can see you.

Climbing up, we both expected to hear shouts from the many revellers below, in full view of the many police that were driving around, and walking up and down canal street, we were amazed when we reached the top without incident.

It's argueably the finest view of manchester from any of the cranes, absolutely amazing.

Sorting out which shots to take, I noticed the security guard doing his rounds. Kept on expecting him to look up and check it, but no. He meandered around the site, checking in at several locations before going back into his hut. A number of times he did it, each time going to exactly the same places, he probably has a key turn or card swipe there to prove he's been doing his rounds properly.

Climbing down after a while, really could have stayed up there all night, we're getting closer to the level he walks around, and out he pops again. We freeze, certain that he's going to notice us. But no, he does his round one more time, and retires back into his hut. With only one more little trip, he disapears again, and we made our escape.

Our hearts were in our mouths till we were well away, and all in all, the best and most memorable crane to date :D

Loved every second.



Beetham's earlier on shrouded in mist,

and later when it had cleared slightly

Sorry for the shakiness, but it's the coolest hat I've seen. Gotta buy one

Two pano's, I can't get over how much the roads look like rivers
Princess Street

Canal Street

A view from the cab

Couple of people shots

and finally a view up the jib.

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