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Report - Ottermill Switchgear, Ottery St Mary, March 2012


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Hey I'm new here but after looking around the site for a few months I decided to get out there and do it! We only got to the warehouses as we had limited time but definitely going to go back as this is awaiting development and wont be around forever! I recommend it!

This one's been done before I know but it's local to me so I thought it was a good starter! Oh and yes yes my pictures are grainy and a bit naff because of flash and my rather useless phone camera.. :Not Worthy I'm hoping to get a proper camera soon and go back!

Some history! From Wikipedia..
'Attempting to revive the local economy, Sir George Yonge and Sir John Duntze, Members of Parliament and joint Lords of the Manor, launched a scheme in 1788 to build a new manufactory at Ottery, for the carding and spinning of wool, using the recently-invented water frame machinery. At the same time, the original corn mill, which had stood here for 700 years, was demolished, and a new, much bigger one built. In 1824 the enterprise was converted to the manufacture of silk, and up to 400 female workers were employed. In 1897 the factory was sold to Keetch & Co, brush manufacturers, the first of several subsequent owners. The newer part of the complex was once Ottermill Switchgear, which later became Eaton Cutler & Hammer Ltd, which closed down in 2003. Today the mill site and the adjoining factory is unoccupied, awaiting re-development.'

The first warehouse floor upon entry!


Warehouse Floor by barack herbama, on Flickr

Swtiches in the switchgear...


Switch hanging from the roof by barack herbama, on Flickr

Obligatory Chair Shot!


Obligatory Chair Shot by barack herbama, on Flickr

Collecting Dust


ZZZZZZZ by barack herbama, on Flickr

Mysterious Stairs, never had the time to go up though, chose to carry on with the warehouse floors instead


Stairs into the unknown by barack herbama, on Flickr

Interesting Item on the floor


Space age junk by barack herbama, on Flickr

Chilling testimony to 'The End'


The End.. by barack herbama, on Flickr

Who left the electricity on?!


Electricity On? by barack herbama, on Flickr

So yeah there's some more on my flickr page blah blah blah

Like I said my photo's aren't great but it's my first ever urbex and it was dark and I was bricking it! But it's a great place and if you look at some other reports into the larger parts of the factory it's a really interesting place and I recommend it before it gets redeveloped and disappears forever!

Peace Out!


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28DL Member
Walked around the perimeter today, the main warehouses are now demolished, but the older part of the factory still remains, awaiting redevelopment into apartments
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