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Report - - Paris Catacombes - 19 & 20th February 2007 | European and International Sites |

Report - Paris Catacombes - 19 & 20th February 2007

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Oxygen Thief

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Visited with Tank and Rookinella.

Met up at Waterloo and got the Eurostar over to Paris. Did the usual getting supplies, and decided to hang back until it got dark. Discovered the MacDonald's 'fondue-burger'.

Anyway, as soon as it got dark, made a typically entry and got on with it.

First stop... the guy running through the wall... sorry can't remember his name...


Then the goat room...


Then the castle room...



...and a couple of shots of the man in the castle...



followed by the flower room.

Then the Foxy plaque...


Next, Bysance (met a group of catas, saw them around a few times), La Plage, then Le Cellier...


Headed North via Lanterns...

IMG_0441.jpg the Carrefour du Morts...


Then over to the bunker and finally to bed (4a.m.)

Woke up with advanced hypothermia and frostbite a few hours later.

Freshened up, packed up and tidied up and went to Philibert Aspairts grave.

Then headed East to Salle Z.

At this point we saw a light and a bloke in a boiler suit... walked up and 'bugger' it was a group of workmen removing the old telecoms cables... they didn't really bother much though, and we moved on. It was strange seeing the tunnels lit up brightly with bulbs.

Anyway, we made an incorrect route to Salle Z and Val de Grace, and couldn't get in, so we popped into "Feuillantines" Shelter, which was absolutely fantastic. This was a deep level shelter. The stairs to the surface were in very good condition, with handrails. At the top you could hear vehicles and people.

In the shelter, it was in good condition compared to other places in the catas and UK. Several old toilets and other sanitary items have survived, and a lot of fixtures and fittings. Most notable is the mosaic floor...


Next stop was the cube room and the swimming pool...


Made our way south-easterly via the mines office and gallery. Saw more new stuff... Trepanus, zlard, skating rink, eventually back to La Plage and started our way out by the excellent route via the sand crawl.

On exiting there were workmen blocking our route outside, so we switched direction and had the easiest exit ever.

Back to Gare du Nord for an Ostrich / Buffalo / Beef steak combo, several beers and 30 minutes sleep in the restaurant, back to the Eurostar and home.

Top trip guys, thanks very much.
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Oxygen Thief

Staff member
Nice report and photos. Do you have more from the Abri de Feuillantines?
I have not seen recent pix from this place, last time I was there was like 7 years ago

There's a couple more, nothing outstanding...

Mosaic detail, I've enhanced the colour a bit...


Don't really know why I took this. Tried to get the corridor and air-con aspect, failed.


Rooki taking a pic...


The last picture is a row of toilets on a mosaic floor. Originally it would have been a porcelain bowl on a steel stand. After doing one, there was a hand pump to flush the toilet to a vessel under the main floor. Also in this room were original urinals.

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