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Report - Pathology Labs, royal united hospital, bath, June 2015


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The Royal United Hospital
(RUH) is a major acute hospital, located in the Weston suburb of Bath, England, which lies approximately 1.5 miles (2.4 km) miles west of the Bath city centre. The hospital currently has 565 beds and occupies a 52 acres (21 ha) site. It is the area's major accident and emergency hospital, with a helicopter landing point on the adjacent Lansdown Cricket Club field.
The hospital moved to its present site, Combe Park, on 11 December 1932. The site had previously been used for the large First world war Bath War Hospital from 1916 to 1922. By 1920 it had been renamed the Bath Ministry of Pensions Hospital, which it remained until it closed in 1929. The site was also used by the Forbes Fraser Hospital and the Bath and Wessex Orthopaedic Hospital, both founded in 1924 and merged into the RUH about 1980.
The new £12-million pathology lab and mortuary replaces the old facilities which were built in the 1930s to house injured US servicemen and are no longer fit for purpose.
The old pathology lab will be demolished, creating space for a new patient and visitor car park and will mark the start of a new phase of development for the north section of the RUH site, which will include the building of the new cancer centre.

A few snippets of ruh info.

Now onto the explore!

This was a fun explore, considering I've been in the building when it was "live"
The explore was done alone, but I did take a non u.e friend in there about a week later,
If you want an explore....be quick as it wont be long before the whole place is flattened!!

The ruh site does have security guards patrolling around, and is a busy place with lots of members of public mooching about. so be carefull (as im sure you all are.....always)
This is my first report....any guidance is welcome.

Anyway here are a few pics, hope you enjoy them.


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Interesting place thanks for report and good pics