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Report - Pinner Stone Mine 04-06-17


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This is my 2nd visit to Pinner Stone Mine & I took my son who appears to have got into exploring.... My first vist consisted of going in both entry points and as far as the first passageway only.
This time we was in a good 2 hours and on our arrival there was 6 youths making their way out, had a good chat, they'de been in 15 minutes and claimed to have walked all the way round... Hmmnnnn .
On this journey my intention was to go in one way and come out the other without doing the same passageway twice...... We managed it, but we crossed just one point, the point where the old oil lamp was on the wall...
Photos are taken with my phone (which run out of charge so went onto my 2nd phone... Pffftt, quality drop!! ).... lighting is by torchlight.

Any whoo... without further adoo.... Here's the first lot of photos...

The 2nd entry (Not the one on the shooting range)

A passageway with a nice floor ;-)

The Oil Lamp.... We kept left and returned on the right

You know you're in deep when you see air vents (wasn't that deep really though

Oooh... a piece of old track poking out ' the ground.... or as HSE would say.... "Trip Hazard"

Proof that the curse of the crane and phones is untrue (though this was where my phone suddenly lost its charge!!)

Right..... I'll add the pictures off my other phone after I've uploaded them later...
Hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed our trapse around the old hole.....


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28DL Full Member
.... and as stated.... the other photos
This shows the lower quality comparison

Spongy beam and support..

Probably getting into our deepest point here

Why is there heavy condensation of your breath in such places ?

Way too many straight joints for this to be a Yorkshire wall :-D

So thirsty my hand couldn't wait for the photo to be taken !!

A missing post....

Next stop..... Cononley >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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28DL Full Member
Looking as gorgeous as ever @JoanneCard?

Nice photos from the phone, somewhere I should get to as that crane looks stunning :thumb
Mmmmnnn moi?.... gorgeous ?......... Was you in the trees?
Oh, you mean my avatar :-D

The crane was quite impressive..... The kids who were leaving took one photo and it was the crane.
We was in there for a fair while and still didn't feel we saw half the place.....After getting to the crane I asked my son if we was going back the way we came or getting out a different way.... It was pretty weird still having a sense of direction down there as we came back through the middle rather than around the outside.
Overall an enjoyable venture....... You'll be happy to know my son refused to help me remove the crane !!