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Report - Pontins Holiday Village - Jersey Channel Islands - January 2013


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Pontins Holiday Village.

The site has been abandoned for around 20 years or so now and is due to be demolished so i had to go for one last vist before they tare it down. There are supposedly a few rumours flying around about why it was closed down, the most reasonable one being there was an issue with gas in the complex and had to be temporally closed. That coupled with the death of the tourism industry in the island and bad timing.

I have visited the site many time but never taken photos of the place until now. I really enjoyed this vist, i went with a friend of mine Seedhouse (non-member) and far as i can tell he enjoyed him self to (although he had no torch and mine turned out to be shit). We made our way from left to right on the site entering a few sections that we had never been in before due to lack of access. As the site is due for demolition and some work has already been started i found the pool had been boarded up and a balcony which i had walked across on my last visit had collapsed. Just before we were about to try and enter the old ground keepers house on the site the card in my camera died so I lost a lot of photos. Luckily i had a spare so we made our way back round where we had already been. We stopped for a breather once i had nearly taken all the photos i had just taken and we heard foot steps and voices getting closer, I had a quick peep out the window of the floor we were on but couldn't see any one and they seamed to have left. I went and took one more photo and heard them walking on the broken glass on floor in the room below us so we decided to leave. as we got to where we went in i turned round to take another photo and seen a distinct camera flash come from the kitchen area so they could have been there for the same reason but as we didn't want to risk it we made a run for it and left.

I am new to posting on forums of any nature so excuse any new comer errors.










I hope you enjoyed my report and sorry for some of the photos not being rotated i dont know why its done that and sorry for the essay at the begining.

Urbexer-JSY xx


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