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Report - Poolbeg Chimneys, Dublin - Ireland (July 2014)


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This is a report that I would have rather kept quiet but alas, a video has recently emerged from one of those Instagram/Youtube kids climbing one of the towers, burning what has always been the easiest access. The video has caused a bit of uproar in the Irish media seeing as we don't seem to have any of these attention seekers here. Urban explorers and base jumpers have never had to worry about people seeking fame (seeing as the community here has always been tight lipped, secretive and very underground) but unfortunately this Danish chap has now exposed this location. Therefore, no damage to the location can really come from posting this report now. And at least it will give me a chance to showcase the night time views from the top.

So, the Poolbeg Chimneys... These two towers are and have for a long time been an iconic symbol of Dublin. Standing at 207 metres tall, they are by far the largest structures in Dublin and always the first sight you see when arriving home to Ireland by plane or by boat. The thermal plant connected to the towers was decommissioned with the process starting in 2006 and being completed in 2010. This left the towers unused with the ESB (Ireland's national electricity supplier) seeking to demolish them soon after the plant's closure. This was met with strong opposition due to how iconic the two towers are to Dublin and therefore the towers were safeguarded in 2014 by being added to the national list of protected structures.

#1 - Poolbeg Power Plant Exterior - Source: Wikimedia Commons

#2 - Poolbeg Power Plant with the active combined cycle station on the left and the decommissioned thermal plant on the right - Source: Wikimedia Commons

Anyway, onto the explore. The Poolbeg Chimneys have always been a bit of a holy grail for me. Having started out exploring way back in 2006, I had slowly ticked off every single location and climb in Ireland that I had wanted to achieve. All that was left was to climb one of these huge chimneys. Matters were made slightly difficult due to the fact that the towers are located within the grounds of the active combined cycle power plant meaning that the site is proliferated with security cameras with motion sensors lining the entire perimeter. So, with trespass laws in Ireland being quite strict it was simply a case of not getting caught!

Firstly I have to give credit to fb, dicky and greaze who did an awesome job cracking this location. Not too long after their attempt myself and another local explorer (I'm not sure if they want to be named or not) gave it a shot too. Arriving in the early hours of the morning, all went smoothly and we were soon crouching in the shadows of machinery in the grounds of the power station. There is something incredibly enchanting about hiding in the shadows of a huge industrial complex, with the hum of active machinery all around you, making a dash from one hiding location to the next whilst avoiding various security cameras. It is something I don't think I will ever tire of.

After a quick dash through the complex we made it to the base of the first chimney and began the 10 metre free climb to the first ladder. All went to plan and before we knew it we were both speeding up the first series of ladders up to the first platform.

#3 - My partner in crime tackling the free climb on the way back down (I usually wouldn't post shots like this but it's all included in the Danish lads video so...meh)

After 24 exhausting sets of ladders we finally arrived onto the top platform to be greeted by the highest view in all of Dublin. It was an incredible privilege to finally be standing here, overlooking Ireland's capital from this viewpoint, one which very few people have had the opportunity to see. Needless to say we must have spent an hour up top taking photos and taking in the views all around us, immensely smug to have made it up here after so long thinking about it. There's not really too much to say about the explore as essentially it was just one big climb up and down so here are a few too many shots from the top of the tower.

#4 - Looking down at the second Poolbeg chimney

#5 - Looking over Dublin


#7 - A plane coming in to land at Dublin Airport


#9 - The active section of the power plant

#10 - Looking back over Poolbeg Peninsula

#11 - The climb back down

#12 - Apologies...but the obligatory dangling feet photo

After making our way down we made a nice getaway, proving a bit smoother than these guys ;)



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great man, brings it all back.
The cunts are everywhere now aren't they? As long as the youtube $$ keep coming in, they'll be kids sniffling around waiting to get a piece of it.
You back home yet?
Cheers man. Ha, tell me about it! I really don't really get the point in showing off to the masses like that, selling out locations and annoying the community for a few selfish bucks. Ah well, at least he missed out on everything else that this location has to offer! And nope, I still have another year and one month left to finish my current "job", nearly there ;)

One of my favorite 'high stuff' i think. If i was from ireland it would have been top of my list too.
Cheers Speed, and agreed, it's pretty unique to find such high chimneys in such close proximity to a city. That and the famous nature of them meant they had to be at the top of the list.