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Report - - Putney Hospital, London 03/05/08 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Putney Hospital, London 03/05/08

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I should have danced all night
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Visited with Speed.

We'd had a great morning in West Park but the day was young and we had a fair few hours before it got dark so it would be rude not to check out Putney Hospital. As soon as we got in, we noticed that all the rumours of this place being infested with PIRs were true. With my body half way through our access point, I clocked 3 of them immediately, including one of those lovely Dalek-style ones that there is no escaping from. To our surprise, they didn't go off so we wandered upstairs to hide just in case and then....

Woooo woooo wooooo woooo woooo woooo woooo wooooo

"Security have been alerted of your presence, the police have been called and they are on their way"


Now, in my twisted logic, I thought it would be a good idea to hide in the bathroom, behind a door:p

"I think we should leave" said Speed.

"Nah we've set them off now, we may as well have a look around while we're here" Baaaaad idea Rookinella.

The alarms were going mental by now and we were running around looking for places to hide and taking wobbly photos as we went. Then as we reached a stairwell, we heard a guy on the phone. NOW would probably be a good time to leave. :eek: Ruuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!!!!!!!

"Come out! I know you're in there!!"

Oh shit. We kept on running and as if by magic, we found a way out, leapt onto a roof and bounded back over the fence. Ouch.

Stand up straight, keep walking and act as if NOTHING has happened.

Mischief managed.

Here's some photos, I didn't even try and make them better because as the saying goes, "You can't polish a turd". Goodbye Putney, it's unlikely I will be returning any time soon. My heart has only just recovered:p














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