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Report - - Putney Hospital, London - (22/07/07) | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Putney Hospital, London - (22/07/07)

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Hey peeps.This is my first attempt at doing a report.Im gonna try and post the pics in the order we went round.i havent a clue how this will turn out so fingers crossed it wont come out to bad :rolleyes: !! i apologise now as im gonna waffle on and go into things maybe a bit too much as its my first real explore.The pics arnt to great either but there the best of a bad bunch !!

Anyway,went up to london yesterday to meetup with a friend for a few sunday beers.After wandering about with our cameras we ended up in Putney by the river not sure what to do.Remebering Lillimouse had done a report on the hospital back in May it seemed pretty stupid not to head over there. Phoned a friend who lives pretty local and got some directions.

20 mins later were outside and it looked pretty dead,decided to walk round the outside first to check for any security chavs etc.loads of warning signs and some other little white signs saying all valuable equipment had been removed,after reading that we assumed that as there wasnt much worth nicking if there was people there maybe they would be more easy going.


Then we headed straight down to the second building soon as we got there noticed two sensors that were beeping randomly,all the lights were on and peered through a window and saw some rather new looking boxes of washing powder etc.Seemed a bit odd.Front door was secure and looked rather overgrown on the other side so we turnt round and headed over to the main building.


Spotted a staircase that headed up to the roof so we went up there.I know its not very high but i'm PETRIFIED beyond belief of heights.When i got to the last set of stairs i was clinging on like a girl !! :gay

Took a quick roof shot didnt hang around up there too long as its well open to the houses.


Then we headed inside and had a wander on the top floor and took some snaps. No sensors in sight. It was well empty and rather tidy except for broken glass scattered about.









Get a phonecall from matey with the directions went and met him a for swift pint.On the way out went for a butchers round the otherside where the main reception.Saw a well easy access point went in,soon as was inside we tripped the PIR alarm,then a speak message something along the lines of "warning unautorised intruder" panicked and headed for the pub !


As we came out a granny cut through with her dog across the carpark,then we noticed a guy emerging from the bushes with a couple of dogs and thought it was a dog walker taking a shortcut.

Anyway 3 pints later and nice and dark outside we decided to go back planning on just going to floors with lights on.Got back inside avoiding using reception because of the PIR and that was gonna be our exit.Got in all fine headed to the stairs using phone light went down to the 2nd floor which had lights on noticed another sensor,this time at first couldnt hear the loudspeaker.Then we thought we could hear people talking,i guessed it was the door creaking.Held it still to realise the speaker on the lower floor was going off.Bricked it again left thinking it could be a bit silly to stay as we dont know our way around plus if something did happen the hospital is rather secluded.
On the way out we went round the front to try and get some snaps of the lights. Bit pointless as neither of us had a tripod and they came out blurry as fu*k ! Standing about taking pics, then next minute we look round and some small stocky guy comes steaming round the corner towards us and says in his nice irish accent " Can i help you boys" we panted it and said "No were going now"!! Then we made a super swift exit on to the road.

Looked like he was wearing the same clobber as the dog walker we spotted after we tripped the PIR the first time so i assume it must of been the same dude and must live on site.


He was screwing and didnt look very approchable to say the least!!

Even though we didnt spend that long at all inside and looking at Lilimouse's pics it kinda feels like we unacheived big time,but what the hell it was still fun none the less.

Anyway thats all folks :). Hope i havent sent you all into a boredom seduced coma along the way !

Thats all folks :). I hope i havent sent you all into a boredom seduced coma.
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