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Report - RAF Binbrook

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Had a look round some of this place today. I went there during my very short memership of the ATC during my youth and although the best bits of that camp were playing Gauntlet in the NAFFI and walking down into Binbrook villiage for fish on chips on the last night, I wanted to see what was left. Despite going there about 20 years ago and only being there for a week, it surprised me how much I remembered.
Didn't like leaving the car unattended too long on the 'Brookenby' estate, neither did I want to get locked in the main compound. So just a few pictures from here, which I'll try to keep to ones which I haven't seen on these forums.

Looks like the runway is being harvested for roadbuilding hardcore. I think the building in the background might have been the fire station.


Runway lighting controls, these were in a substation near the 'fire station';


Lighting controls;


Boiler room under officer's mess


Surplus machinery;




more pics here

Mr Horse