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Report - RAF Church Fenton, Tadcaster Feb 2016


grumpy sod
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I did quite a few RAF bases in 2016, but Church Fenton was my favourite. I'd go as far as saying it's my favourite base in the UK alongside Upper Heyford. It was also very nice to get to see it before it got too ruined by the idiot crew...

Most of the base buildings closed in 1992 but the airfield and hangars remained open as an RAF training airfield. In 2013 the training schools moved out and the site was bought in early 2014 by Makins Enterprises who now operate the former airfield as Leeds East Airport catering for light aircraft and business jets. The large number of former RAF buildings next to the airfield remain in a derelict state.

I loved the untouched decay in here, it was gorgeous. The roads around the buildings had all been totally swallowed up by trees and undergrowth which only added to the feeling.

Thanks for looking :)



grumpy sod
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Yeah man totally agree about this place. I've visited a lot and this is a favourite of mine.

I found myself there a few times over the last 3 years.

Did you not venture up the water tower?
I'll be honest I think we completely missed the water tower at the time!

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