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Report - - RAF North Luffenham - Rutland - 28/1/07 | Military Sites |

Report - RAF North Luffenham - Rutland - 28/1/07

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Mr Sam

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
well dont know where to start really had a great day out, little did i know one of my best mates is into all this so we went and did a little exploring....

heres a brief history of the base taken from wikipedia

RAF North Luffenham was a Royal Air Force station in Rutland, United Kingdom. It is near to the village of North Luffenham.

The station was built as a training airfield, opening in 1940. It was later taken over by 5 Group of Bomber Command as a heavy bomber base, and was expanded by the building of concrete runways later in the war. During the 1950s, the station was home to a number of Canadian squadrons.

From 1959 to 1963, North Luffenham was home to Thor intermediate range ballistic missiles.

The station was taken over later by the British Army and became St. George's Barracks, currently home to a battalion of the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment.

i must stress only a small portion of the base is disused we didnt go near the live stuff and we stuck to concrete pathways to avoid dormant munitions

entrance was pretty easy in the distance there was a plane unfortunatly to get to it its just open grassland a bit risky so we didnt bother trying, found a small training site with bunkers and so on. just about to turn back and i spotted a small area containing a group of decomissioned shells (well id hope there decomissioned) we decided to head back to the car after this satisfied with what wee'd seen and the pictures we managed to get.









check back Brownvanman has some pics too
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