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Report - - RAF Nutts Corner, NI -23 Oct 07 | Military Sites |

Report - RAF Nutts Corner, NI -23 Oct 07

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Zcott, Irishmanlost and myself explored what we presumed was an old factory - which turned out to be an old NI Electric training centre.

At the end of the complex was a 1970's build Airtraffic Control Tower

, and from the roof we spotted this littel gem


An original Air Raid shelter - intact and almost clean

The electrics on the inside are relatively modern, but the inside is amazingly intact


RAF Nutts Corner -- Sightseeing with Google Satellite Maps
A fair amoount of the original airstrip can still be found today

RAF Nutts Corner was home in 1941 to 120 Sqn Coastal Command.
They flow Liberator UBoat hunters!

The Sqn then -

The Sqn exists today -
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