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Report - RAF Stenigot Lincolnshire 11/2010 (in the snow) mini report



Visited with Bugsuperstar and Zero81.

Whats left of this former raf base is a couple of bunkers and the four tropospheric scatter dishes,which is the only reason i wanted to visit this site.Not really an explore as its a walk on and really isnt much to see,but its worth a look just to see the dishes.Weather was not that bad in Manchester,a different story when we reached Lincolnshire.

RAF Stenigot was a World War 2 radar station situated near Donington on Bain, Lincolnshire,England.



It was part of the Chain Home radar network, intended to provide long range early warning for raids from Luftflotte V and the northern elements of Luftflotte II along the approaches to Sheffield andNottingham and the central midlands.



After World War II, the site was retained as part of the Chain Home network. In 1959 it was upgraded to a communications relay site as part of the ACE High program, which involved adding four tropospheric scatter dishes.

just to give you an idea of scale thats me stood in the centre of one of the dishes.


The site was decommissioned in the late 1980s and was mostly demolished by 1996.





Thanks to Bugstar for showing us around



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