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Report - RAF/USAF Bentwaters, Suffolk - December 2018


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The soviet feel comes from a TV series called Space Cadets which filmed there and essentially convinced a bunch of idiots that they'd been recruited by the Russian space agency and mysteriously taken to a base for training.
I remember watching that!

I especially like your aerial photograph of the site. I'd be interested to know where it came from as it looks very much like it was taken while I was actually on site in Summer last year. We were there while The Grand Tour were filming.
I nabbed it from Flickr. Taken 25th August last year apparently, so it probably was while you were there. Original on Flickr


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great report buddy,im really interested in bentwaters and Woodbridge,i belive they also film dog borstal here as one of the ex service men told me, would it be easy to get permission to look around ?i mean obviously when the tours aren't running,i feel like you have to rush when you are in a big group tour unfortunately and miss alot of the details others wouldn't bother looking at
I agree, so much better when not being rushed around and loads of people getting in your shots. I would think they would try to direct you to their open days though, but it's always worth trying to see what they allow. Contact details are on their website


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K-9 Building

The K-9 building contains spacious dog kennels.

K-9 Building

Kennels inside the K-9 Building


The site has a lot of hardened aircraft shelters, or hangers, spread out across a vast area. Several are in use by private companies, and others are empty. A common feature of the hangers is the huge sliding doors that form the entire hanger's frontage – these slide to the side on rails to open up fully allowing access for aeroplanes.

One of the many hangers

Typical interior of the hangers

Original sliding door controls

The framework sits on rails and supports the huge doors, allowing them to slide fully open

527th Aggressor Squadron Hardened Aircraft Shelter

Deputy Commander Operations

This building had been out of use for quite some time and is suffering a lot of decay. The moisture and condensation cause constant rainfall inside the building, which was ideal for plant growth.

Deputy Commander Operations building

Runway, Control Tower and Maintenance Vehicles

We didn’t make it over to the control tower, which is situated within the live business park area of the site. The runway still has some of the maintenance and de-icing vehicles parked up.

The Control Tower pictured in 1972

The Control Tower today (poor quality due to crazy crop, as we didn't go over there!)

North/South runway with the control tower in the distance

De-icer truck

The Hush House

Originally built as a jet engine testing facility with an exhaust tunnel, the Hush House was a soundproofed hangar where fighter

Exterior of the exhaust tunnel

Interior of the Hush House

The exhaust tunnel

Hush House control booth and viewing window

Thanks for looking!

Of course I got a selfie!

So aside from the businesses and film area is this abandoned and all this equipment just sitting there unprotected? I see phantom and P1127 VTOL craft is this just junk, otherwise very informative good pics.

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