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Report - RAF Woolfox Bomb store, Rutland, June 2020


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1. The History
This one’s a revisit and not found anything new history-wise so check out the details HERE

2. The Explore
Got a tip-off that there were some bits I didn’t see first time around ( big up to ya @A man called Martyn ) . Namely a bomb store hidden in the woods. This is the first time that I have used a Lidar search to locate things. Used this site HERE

Having parked up on the lay-by on the A1 made my way across farmer’s fields and through a wood to where I thought the bomb store was located. I didn’t know what to expect as I’d seen no pictures of the bomb store. Luck would have it that it is still there. It’s nothing spectacular but given this place has never been covered before quite exciting.

On the way back I decided to break cover from the woods and have another look at the watch tower. Bad move. Just as I was walking towards the watch tower the farmer drove past with his dog trailing his Land Rover. I instinctively hit the deck hoping he’d not spotted me. A few seconds later he drew up beside me, me lying prone. “Who do you think you are? Some special agent?” After a brief chat he established I wasn’t there to do anything other than take pictures, and having taken my picture, he told me to sling my hook. Which I duly did! So, nothing spectacular this one but nice to find something that doesn’t appear to have been previously documented.

3. The Pictures

Nature very much taking the place back over:

Inside the first of three bomb stores:

And the second one:

Note RSJ reinforced concrete roof:

An original WW2 fuse box:

Some more of the electrics:

Another building in the woods:

And finally, a couple of snaps of the watchtower, post being rumbled by the farmer:

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Always nice to do an explore that isn't on here. Nice little shelter that. Love the ninja act pmsl.

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