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Report - RAF Wroughton, Wiltshire - June 2015


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I'm local to wroughton, if you head into clouts woods you can walk across to the power station without being seen and have a ganders. Also it is sometimes possible to walk over too the roc located directly west of the pumping station. It was the last ROC ever constructed. There is also a construction between priors hill and thorny park along the res.

I wonder if we could have a look round the brick shelter between the D hangers... Would be interesting.

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Another website tells me that Wroughton ROC is locked, however it is known that plenty of stuff remains inside. Yes you are right, the ROC was opened in 1968, much later than others. It also tells me that Wroughton ROC is used by the British Geological Society uses it for earthquake monitoring. Details here. Don 't think it would too wise to really try and get in. Unless the latest news is that it's wide open?

But agreed there is potential from the Clout's Wood area and entry into the Science Museum area from here ridiculously easy. Let me do some research on the buildings that you are talking about and I will get back to you.


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Holy Thread Resurrection Batman!

I am planning to have a mooch around this area very soon, as I am intrigued by the possible tunnel in Clouts Wood, and I am fairly local to the area and have interest in WW2 history. I have been in one of the Pillboxes before, it was a sod to get into but worth it.
Little bit of extra info, the ROC post was built to replace the one in Toothill, which had to be closed due to constant flooding.
I will post a report in due course.

I have been in the Science Museum three times. All legit. But no cameras, they are strict as hell up there, but the runway is fun to boot it down in a brand new delivery van, let me assure you!

If I catch Eric down there, I will tell him Bertie wants to test his skills, see if it was worthy of the graffiti.


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Interesting history indeed, enjoyed looking through that :)


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In the third photo how do I get there? I have been to the last pics one as it is literally right outside my house. Thanks in advance.



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I once blagged a tour of the small(ish) exhibits warehouse, fuck me it was like a UE'ers wet dream. Jet engines to obsolete gambling machines, strange computers, childhood dioramas from my childhood and everything in-between plus the last ever printing press from Fleet Street. Fap fap fap.

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