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Report - Dannah House Care Home, Wroughton, Wiltshire - March 2016

Bertie Bollockbrains

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With thanks to klempner69 for making me aware of this site

A small elderly persons care home in North Wiltshire that was forced to close in 2007 for providing such a crap service (so bad in fact that the manager was arrested).


Dannah House was a private residential care home offering accommodation for up to 24 residents over the age of 65. The house consisted of one double and 22 single rooms, 6 of which had en-suite facilities.

The home was inspected in November 2006 by the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI), with many areas scoring the lowest possible rating of “poor”. All other areas were rated the second lowest level of “adequate”. Failings included low levels of staffing, asbestos in the bedrooms, and lack of privacy for the residents. Inspectors subsequently set statutory requirements and deadlines for change. However the required improvements never came, allegedly because of lack of funds. A junior worker confessed that “there was hardly a budget to make sure residents were fed”. The centre was closed in June 2007 by court order.

A whistle-blower, speaking in 2012, said that the owner was out to make a profit, even if it meant providing below-standard levels of care. “None of the homes were interested in caring for people or paying for training and the pay barely met the minimum wage.”

Good to see a regulator with some bite, but of course this must had been one hell of a traumatic experience for the residents.


One seriously overgrown garden - I could barely find the house

First the open-plan communal area


Complete with one damp organ

Moving to the bedrooms, each room still had a photo and the name of the resident

I recently stayed in a hotel room in Tunisia that looked like a bit like this...





Hmm now we back to that Tunisian hotel

Some idiot in a mirror

Personal possessions left behind

and they've left their coats behind

Nature reclaiming the walls

Unfortunately this didn't work. Given that wifey has lately been stumbling up the stairs a lot and slurring her speech, particularly late on Friday evenings, I'm thinking of installing a stair-lift myself.

Finally, I'm a bit of an art-lover and there was a lot of priceless art in here. So let me introduce you to the artistic gems of Wroughton...




My expert knowledge of art tells me that this is the famous "Man in a dress stealing a sheep" by artist unknown

This is cross-stitch and must had taken ages to do. I think it is showing Fountains Abbey at Ripon, Yorkshire.

And for the grand climax... The Hay Wain by John Constable (1821), regarded as one of Britain's finest paintings. I always thought it was held at the National Gallery, so I was really surprised to find it in a derp - it's worth millions.

Thanks for reading.


28DL Member
28DL Member
That looks great, this is all new to me and I really want to get exploring. I'm in Swindon, have you been to the hotel in Wroughton that is shut down?


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28DL Full Member
Glad you got to see Dannah...@ Grottie..the hotel in Wroughton has a group of travellers parked up there at the moment.

Bertie Bollockbrains

The Spice Must Stop
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That looks great, this is all new to me and I really want to get exploring. I'm in Swindon, have you been to the hotel in Wroughton that is shut down?
If you're meaning the Ivy Hotel in Wroughton - yes there's a traveler invasion there and that's a very recent development. Also be aware that last June a group of kids were seen in there carting away kitchen equipment. Despite carrying a huge industrial size dishwasher they escaped from Wiltshire Constabulary. Police have said that they have been watching the place carefully since.

Choo Choo m8ty

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Some nice pics there m8ty.. looks quite an interesting mooch .. thx for report


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28DL Full Member
right im freaking out... so a few months ago me and my friends were bored so we wanted to find somewhere to explore we are only 12 but anyway we went around dannah house for a bit it was pretty cool. yesterday i went wiht my dads friend to take me to some abandonned mines, i overheard him talking about him being on this site and on the carride i asked if he had ever been to dannah house and he said he had but couldnt really remember. HE WAS THE GUY IN THE BLOODY MIRROR!!!!!!!! im not annyed for you saying he was an idiot im just in shock that he was in that photo.

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