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Report - Ramsgate Air Raid Tunnel System May 2010


I should have danced all night
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Brace yourself boys, I'm coming in dry!...said the train to the tunnel;)

Ramsgate is some sort of mythical place that hops around Kent and rarely stays in one place. I thought it was in Dover and then in Rochester but apparently it's neither! I remember seeing photos of this tunnel network back in 2006 with lots of clever tealight illuminations and people in rusty bumper cars. So a mere four years later, me and Speedio eventually haul our asses to Margate and beyond to begin what would turn out to be an exhausting night of urban cramming.

The main train tunnel is about three times the size I thought it would be and I guess that's because its hard to show the scale of it in photos without someone in them. We didn't do the whole lot because we were fast running out of time before we had to get to the main event back in Margate but I definitely want to go back to see the rest of it sometime soon.

Here's the photos! :)