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Report - Red Cross Military Hospital, Italy, August 2012


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Firstly thanks to Defender for helping us out with this one. You guys do such a bloody good job at hiding stuff, I was scratching my head for days trying to find it and then I nearly went blind just scanning google earth........that's another story.

We parked the van on a precarious ledge, (this was to become quite a common occurrence throughout the trip) gathered out American MRE rations from the box in the back and trekked up the hill.

At first wander, we thought we had missed the boat with this one because the ground floor has suffered badly with vandalism and the local youth "artists" but as we progressed upstairs, it was to become one of my favourite places of the trip. The sun coming through the blinds, the rows of beds in the wards just burst with everything I love about doing this. Pure reminiscence and a sign of what was once present.