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Report - - Redditch ROC post - Worcestershire group - 30-08-07 | ROC Posts |

Report - Redditch ROC post - Worcestershire group - 30-08-07

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Dr Zoidberg

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I was out and about taking photos tonight so I thought I'd stop by this one and see what's there.

As mentioned on SubBrit , the land around this post has been excavated so you get a good idea of the size of it.


It's had a battering at some point.


And the hatch and ladder are long gone.


I was in my bike leathers and it was too tight for me to get all the way down without scraping through so the pictures were taken from half way up the ladder.


It's trashed , and at some point has been filled with sand then dug out.


Still , there was a nice view from the top when I emerged.


As an aside , this one seemed very close to the town itself and even when buried I'm not sure how well it would have stood up to a direct hit.