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Report - - River St. Tower Crane, off Mancunian Way | High Stuff |

Report - River St. Tower Crane, off Mancunian Way

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right then, ive just registered, along with cossie nick, but we decided to do a tower crane before we registered to show we mean business LMAO

weve been looking at stuff for ages, but 2 fridays ago decided to search for the air raid shelters in stockport. we found them, but not the way in. just a hole in the wall big enough to get a camera in. (though cossie nick thinks he has it sussed!!)

so on to plan b... RIVER ST, OFF MANCUNIAN WAY.

we had spotted a tower crane in manchester. not particuarly high but a good size for a first attempt. there was secuirty signs and offices, but they didnt seem to be manned at the time. a 10ft fence had to be scaled to get in. with a bigger drop on the other side. as soon as we landed on the other side the police helicopter was circling above us - scary moment - but they didnt hang around. the bottom of the tower crane was 6ft deep in a puddle so it was a case of putting planks down and climbing over them to get to the ladder. the climb was ok. didnt realise i had gone past the cab and straight to the top tho ha ha. spent about 10 mins up top. chillin out and takin some pics. they were bouncers on the hotel below, could have sworn they were lookin up lots!!! the climb down was harder, but we found a ladder to get back over the fence with and we dissappeared.....
the view was awesome.....





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