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Report - - Rockvilla Mushroom Factory and School, Glasgow, June 2008 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Rockvilla Mushroom Factory and School, Glasgow, June 2008

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Mr Boombastic
28DL Full Member
Right next to the Spier's Wharf branch of the Forth & Clyde Canal stands this rather ugly building - it's been a very visible landmark just to the north of Glasgow city centre for as long as I can remember. Rockvilla is, as it sounds, an enormous rock - Possil road tunnels through it and under the canal, and there used to be a school perched on the rock, but all that remains of that is the boy's and girl's entrances which spiral up through the rock.

This building looks like it was once a warehouse, but later it was used for growing mushrooms - hence the bricked-up lower windows. It's most interesting for the fantastic views.


A view from an upper window, looking west over the canal:


Inside, it's mostly bog-standard warehouse:


Some serious big steel doors, though:


And this is the view east to Spier's Wharf:


The school was standard Victorian - the outdoor boy's toilets are still standing:


The staircase that spirals up inside the rock is beautiful, though damned hard to take a panorama of :)


More pictures of the warehouse in my Flickr set...