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General - Rooftopping for a scared noob... - Gloucester

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
So... I am pretty scared of heights, i'm completely fine when there is solid ground underneath me, whether that would be a floor or a roof etc. I wont, and will not, climb up railings (that are high up), cranes or anything like that.
To be honest, i binged all of Usamalama's videos yesterday and i really want to start rooftopping (nothing major, just a few floors up at first). Now, i know, since i'm new, i wont straight up get given location info, which is understandable... but is there anyone who might be able to show a pussy like me how to get over my fears (without saying 'right we are climbing this 10 story building via scaffolding') I cant really even think of any potential places apart from ASDA, GL1, Regal etc... plus im also worried about getting caught (even though i know exactly what to say to security/police). i just really want to be able to see places form a completely different viewpoint, and not just at 6ft eye level...

If you arent in the gloucester area, but do, do rooftopping... do you have any tips for me?

cheers lads and laddettes

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